GlobalTix: An E-Ticketing System Provider that Facilitates Management, Sales, and Digitalization in the Travel Industry

Founded by Singaporean brothers Chan Chee Kong and Chan Chee Chong in 2013, GlobalTix is a cloud-based system provider that provides e-ticket distribution service for offline travel agents, tourist attractions, F&Bs, and OTAs.

With many years of experience in the tourism, travel and airline industry, the CEO of GlobalTix Chan Chee Chong noticed that with the increasing popularity of international travel in recent years, there has been not shortage of decent online booking platforms for flights and hotels, while the same could not be said for attractions, entertainment, and experience activities. He then came up with the idea of building an integrated e-ticketing system that can connect world travel activities with travel agent supply chains.

Co-founders of Globaltix — Chan Chee Kong & Chan Chee Chong

Travel Product Bundling at the Touch of a Button

GlobalTix’s Senior Regional Manager Kennie Kang said the main partners the company co-markets with are small and medium attraction operators and travel agents. The scope of services includes the following three aspects:

Ticketing Solution / POS Terminal

  1. GlobalTix helps digitalizing all kinds of tickets in the travel industry for better sales process and inventory management. Many of small and medium attraction operators did not have a robust API when forming a partnership with travel agents and OTAs, thus requiring separate networks or manual processing. The lack of integration in internal sales reports also results in inefficient sales management. The GlobalTix system provides businesses with solutions to manage their orders intelligently while reducing staff costs and error rates immensely. In addition, businesses are able to create a customized e-ticketing platform, manage and price their own products based on different distribution channels, and have opportunities to collaborate with worldwide travel agents.
  2. GlobalTix combines online and offline ticket managing systems. This year, COVID-19 has caused an huge impact on the industry and the way people travel. The industry has come to realize the importance of e-ticketing systemization. For example, the Singaporean government has required all attractions be restricted to no more than 25% of their operating capacity at all times for social distancing. GlobalTix then successfully assisted Gardens by the Bay to build an e-ticketing system within two weeks to track and control the daily number of visitors.
  3. GlobalTix provides product management platforms for worldwide travel agents and digitalizes all their products. Such services enable agents to search for packages their customers need without getting lost in the countless travel products, integrate online and offline resources more efficiently, and curate new packages by bundling. Moreover, they can customize the packages and re-distribute to their sub-agents.


Online Store

More than 80,000 Tours & Activities across the Globe

GlobalTix has six offices in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam. The company has grown its reach to more than 2000 agents and OTAs, and lists over 80,000 tours and activities on its marketplace. GlobalTix is currently used by KKDAY, Rakuten Travel, Ctrip, Singapore Tourism Board, Gardens by the Bay, National Gallery Singapore, Universal Studios Singapore, Singapore Airlines, and numerous OTAs around the globe.

Globaltix Team

According to Kang, GlobalTix will continue to expand cooperation with partners in key Asian markets based on its success experience with activity suppliers in Singapore. The company is now working closely with the travel industry in Taiwan on intelligent management of travel tickets and products. The goal is to promote Taiwanese travel products using GlobalTix platforms to the whole wide world.

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Kennie Kang — Senior Regional Manager, Business Development & Sales Partnership, GlobaltixSpecial Thanks to

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