Daione: Creating an Automated Cross-Border Influencer Marketing Platform

Guided by his years of experience in cross-border marketing in the tourism industry, Alex and his partners founded Daione co., ltd, with the name “Daione” as a homophone of “Taiwan” in the Taiwanese language. In 2020, the company received funding from the Business Angel Investment Program by the National Development Fund.

Daione Team


Alex’s journey of cross-border marketing began when he started running Mr Lobster’s Secret Den Design Hostel. He successfully promoted his lodging business through international travel websites and self-media, and reached bigger audience with travel journals and reviews written by their guests. Alex then developed his own cross-border influencer marketing agency and built an automated platform to connect Taiwan with the international market. As a robust marketing platform, Daione is ready for both domestic and foreign businesses to make good use of.

Overcoming Lack of Information, the Pain Point of Cross-Border Marketing

According to Alex, lack of information has long been a problem in the cross-border market, with only 10% of international businesses known by 90% consumers. So how can businesses promote their products to international customers? Based on his hostel managing experience and observation of international tourists’ behavior, Alex indicates that most of the tourists would turn to content sites and travel blogs for reference and information, and to compare different itineraries and experiences when planning for a trip.

Therefore, businesses are rapidly learning the advantage of partnering with social media influencers to showcase their brands and extend beyond local customers. However, most local businesses only have a limited understanding of the cross border market, which may cause higher marketing cost and targeting accuracy. Alex said they have proposed a transparent business model and built a cross-border influencer marketing platform by integrating sources from businesses with their experience in influencer marketing. The platform provides a one-stop solution for brands wanting to partner with influencers to reach a wider audience.

Automated System Matchmaking Leads to Less Complexity and Better Efficiency

Daione’s success in international influencer marketing has gained trust from leading hotel groups, restaurant corporations, and souvenir companies and many more. It has partnered with well-known Taiwanese operators, including Eatogether, Blue Sky Hotel, J&G Fried Chicken and Hakkai Shabu Shabu, making them must-visits for travelers from China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. Now that the platform has been getting better developed, it’s also attempting to transform its one-way promotion model to a two-way one, which means not only influencers from overseas are invited to experience our products at home, local influencer will also be introduced to international operators wanting to enter the Taiwanese market. Businesses from countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, and Malaysia can all have access to Daione’s marketing services.

Alex (Founder of Daione)

Alex said this experience has led them to realize that there are three core values in cross-border marketing: “communication cost reduction,” “partnership development automation” and “business data integration.” The service Daione hopes to provide is one that customers would want to use even if they already know certain influencers and businesses, because it includes influencers matchmaking at home and abroad, automated project management, marketing budgeting and cash flow processing, as well as seamless, simple and easy-to-use functions. Big data analytics, which can help customers develop more accurate marketing approaches and strategies, also plays an important role in expanding the platform’s usage and raising brand awareness.

By tracking the correlation between web traffic and actual visits of physical stores, Daione aspires to make best use of the platform and eventually create a “borderless” marketing system. The full version is estimated to be introduced in February 2021.

Company Information

Daione official website: https://daione.com/

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